A day in the life of Fred

When I awake in the morning, I get out of bed and go to the window. I look outside and say, “Hello, it’s me Fred!” Either a tree, a rabbit, the Sun, the ground, a rock, a fox, or a dandelion say, “Hi, Fred!” Sometimes they say it at the same time.

I go to the kitchen to make breakfast. Usually I’ll have a bowl of toast, or pancakes made of jello.

Then I go for a walk. I like to walk. It’s like I’m a horse and need to move swiftly with no destination. I’ll walk for many miles. Then I’ll feel like I’ve walked enough and I sit down on the ground.

I like to sit. When I sit I have a feeling of, “I’m sitting.” Sometimes while sitting I’ll have no thoughts. It’s like I’m a statue of a person who is sitting. Other times I’ll look around at people walking by, or a squirrel in a tree, or cars honking at me.

Suddenly I’ll find myself standing up. I’ll start walking again.

Today I walked to the movie theater. They weren’t showing any movies because of Covid. But for $5 they let me in and I went into theater and I stood in front of the screen and acted out a movie for an hour-and-a-half. When I was done I sat in the front row and applauded.

Then I left and went to the park. I waded into the duck pond. The ducks said, “Hi, Fred!” I said, “Hi, Ducks!” I waited until someone came by and threw bread crumbs into the pond. I ate the crumbs along with the ducks. It was filling because the pond water soaked into the bread.