Hanging out with my ghost buddy Lincoln

I was visited by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. He showed up suddenly and said, “Hey, Fred!” I said, “Hi, Abe!” He’s been visiting me every Friday afternoon for the past seven years. I asked him why once. He said, “I don’t know why.” I said, “That’s good enough for me.”

Abe said, “Can we visit the beehive?” I said, “Yeah!” There’s a big beehive out in the woods behind my house. We went out to the beehive. Ghosts can’t be stung, so Abe stuck his ghost hand up into the hive and the honey came flowing out. Honey is one of the three foods that ghosts can eat. The other two are pomegranates and oatmeal raisin cookies.

While bees flew through and around Abe, he put his head under the hive and drank the honey like water from a spigot. Abe finished and said, “Your turn.” I said, “No, thanks. I’m stingable remember.” He said, “Oh yeah, I keep forgetting you’re not dead. But when you finally keel over, it’s your turn.” I said, “It’s a deal!”