3 things about me

I like to walk. I prefer it over driving. There’s something fine and dandy about using my feet and legs to get someplace. And they appreciate it too! Yesterday I walked to Milsner’s Grocery Emporium. On the way my feet said, “This is great, Fred!” My legs said, “Yeah, thanks for the jaunt.”

I’m good at jumping. I can jump pretty high. I’ve jumped over clouds. I’ll see a cloud that I like in the sky and then I’ll jump over it. As I’m going over the cloud, I’ll say, “Hi, cloud!” Usually the cloud is startled because it’s a rare event, and the cloud will say something like, “What the hell?”

I wasn’t born on Earth. I don’t know the name of the planet I was born on. My parents were space travelers. They were flying through space on the family rocket ship when my mom said to to my dad, “My water broke. You’d better find some place to land that has a hospital.” My father looked up in the galaxy yellow pages and found a place. He flew there and I was born. The next day they were back in space with me in tow.