The Secret World of Fred

I often daydreamed when I was a kid in school. The teacher would be going on and on about the subject they were paid to teach and I would be imagining the Secret World of Fred. It was a dazzling world.

In this hidden to others land, the Sun would come down from the sky and we would hang out. The Sun and I couldn’t get enough of each other’s company. The Sun would say, “You’re the Freddiest!,” and I would say, “Sun, you’re the best burning ball in the sky!”

The Sun and I would hold hands and the skin on my hand never got burnt.

Sometimes I would run on the Sun while it rolled under my feet. It was like a burning treadmill.

I also had secret discussions with my desk. The desk was all one piece desk and chair. I remember once saying to to my desk, “Hey, Desk?” The desk said, “Yeah, Fred?” I said, “Do you mind me sitting on you?” My desk said, “Fred, I can’t hold you up any longer!” I felt badly and stood up. My teacher said, “Fred, please sit down.” I looked back at the chair and then back at the teacher. The teacher said, “Fred, if I have to tell you again, you’ll get detention.” My chair said, “Fred, I was just joking, sit back down.” I sat back down. I said to my desk, “You got me that time, Desk.”

Even though I daydreamed through the majority of my classes, I got good grades. When we were given a test, I asked my pencil, “Would you answer these questions for me?” My pencil’s name was Stan and it was really smart. Stan the Pencil said, “Sure, Fred.” The pencil began writing away while I hung out in the Fred Zone. I still have Stan the Pencil. Stan actually typed this while I hung out with my friend the Moon.