My time-travel trip to the year 57

I got in my time-travel machine and went back to the year 57. I got out and walked around. Mostly there were a lot of trees. The trees looked a lot like the trees that are around today. The ground looked similar too. As well as the sky. Still, it was nice to get away.

I walked until I came upon a small town. There were five buildings total. There were a few people walking on the dirt street. Someone was riding a horse.

A dog came up to me. He had one blue eye and one yellow eye. The dog said, “You’re not from around here.” I said, “I’m visiting from the year 2021. My name is Fred. What’s yours?” The dog said, “Percival.” I said, “Can I pet your head, Percival?” The dog nodded and I pet his head. The dog said, “Thanks!”