Today’s time travel trip

Hi, it’s Fred. I got in my time machine today and went back January 1st, the year 1. I’m a big fan of New Year’s Day. There’s something really fresh about the day.

I arrived in a field on the outskirts in North Yorkshire, England. It was raining. I was prepared and wearing a raincoat, so it wasn’t a problem. I have an app on my phone called, Weather Anytime! Its for time traveling so you can know what to expect when you arrive any time and place in the past. It doesn’t work for the future though. When traveling to the future, I found it’s best to bring a suitcase with one of everything you could possibly wear. It’s rather bulky. But believe you me, it’s worth it!

I walked around the field. A rabbit ran past me. It looked up at me as it ran by. It wanted to see if I would be pursuing it for the purposes of making it my lunch. I smiled. The rabbit stopped and nodded. I said, “Hi, I’m Fred. What’s your name?” The rabbit said, “Wolchester.” I said, “Good to meet you, Wolchester!” The rabbit said, “Same here, Mister Fred!”

The rabbit said, “Say, Fred, do you happen to have any kibbles in your jacket pocket?” I said I did and took out a snack bag of pretzels and gave a few to Wolchester. I can’t get enough of pretzels. It’s like someone reduced the atomic weight of bread, making it compact. Plus they’re delicious!