This one features clouds and a giraffe!

I don’t have a car. I ride clouds. When I need to go somewhere, I go outside and wave at a cloud to come down to me. Sometimes it’s a really sunny day and I have to wait a bit.

I like riding clouds because they are comfy. It’s a hundred times better than the softest pillow. Plus clouds are always humming the best songs. They make them up as they go along.

Plus plus you don’t have to pay clouds for the service. You just have to tell them a decent and interesting story while they are flying you to your destination.

On today’s ride to the grocery story, I told the following story:

“There was a giraffe named Doris. Doris had an irregular length neck for a giraffe. It was human neck length. Other giraffes would say rude things, like, “Grow a neck, Doris!,” or, “What’s wrong with you?!” One day Doris had enough, and moved away. Far away. To Billings, Montana. The people of Billings said, “Hi,” and other nice things like that to Doris. They also offered her free room and board at the local zoo because they didn’t have a giraffe.  Doris said, “But I don’t look like a giraffe.” The people said, “So, what?” Doris happily accepted the offer.”