Things happening around me

Hi. It’s Fred. It’s Tuesday night. I’m sitting on my sofa. It’s a comfortable sofa. The sofa just said, “Thanks for mentioning me in the blog, Fred.” I said, “Of course.”

There’s a possum at the window. It’s making a face at me. I wave at the possum. The possum nods. I think everything wants to be noticed.

Earlier I had dinner. It was a cheese sandwich. I like cheese. I added mayonnaise. I like mayonnaise. Life is about finding things you like and doing them. And if you can’t do those things exactly, then finding another thing you like and doing that. And if you can’t find that, well, at least you’re alive.

When I was a kid, the first word I spoke was my name. “Fred.” I didn’t even know I was Fred. I’d heard my parents say that word a lot. I liked the sound of it. My parents got excited when I said it. I thought that they liked that word too.