The whirlpool!

I have a pond in my backyard. I went out there this morning and was surprised to discover a whirlpool right in the middle of it. The water was rapidly spinning. A duck landed in the pond and got sucked right down under the water.

I told the whirlpool, “Excuse me but would you please stop doing this?” The whirlpool said, “Don’t tell me what to do.” I said, “I’m sorry, but I’m telling you. Also please release the duck.”

Nothing changed.

I asked the whirlpool nicely again, but it gave me a smirk and continued right on spinning.

I jumped into the whirlpool. I swam against the spin. It was hard at first and I felt myself starting to get sucked down just like the duck. So I swam harder. The whirlpool tried to spin faster. But pretty soon it got weaker. And then the whirlpool was gone and the pond was back to normal.

The duck popped out of the water. It took a moment to catch its breath. I asked the duck if it was okay. The duck said, “Yes, thanks Fred!”