The new cat

My dog Howser and I went for a walk.

Howser said, “Fred? I said, “Yes, Howser.” Howser said, “Can we get a cat?” I said, “What can of cat would you like?” Howser said, “I would really like a tabby cat.” I said, “That sounds good.”

We walked to the Pet Shelter. At the front desk, the woman said, “Are you giving up your dog?” I said, “No. We would like to adopt.” The woman said, “We have snakes, a donkey, a bunch of rabbits, an ant farm, dogs, and one cat.” I said, “Is it tabby?”

She looked at some papers. She said, “Actually, yes, it is.” I said, “We’ll take it.”

The woman stepped away. Howser and I waited. Howser said, “When the woman said that thing about giving up the dog, was there a part of you that wanted to give me away?” I said, “Not at all.” Howser smiled.

The woman returned holding a tabby cat. She set the cat on the ground. Howser and it smelled noses. The cat said, “My name is Tuna Fish Sandwich.”

I said, “Well then, Tuna Fish Sandwich, would you like to come and live with us?” Tuna Fish Sandwich looked at me, looked at Howser, gave it a thought, and said, “Sure!”