The little little me!


I took my time-travel machine back to the day I was born. My mom was on the hospital bed, breathing deeply, going through contractions. My dad was standing next to her holding her hand. The doctor and nurse were looking really busy.

The nurse said, “Who are you?” The doctor and my parents looked over at me. I waved and said, “I’m Fred!” The doctor said, “Who?” My mom said, “Oh, that’s Fred!” My dad said, “Who’s Fred?!” My mom said, “He’s our son.” Mothers know!

I explained I’d time-traveled from the future. My dad said, “Oh, I see.” My dad is very rational.

Suddenly there was the sound of a cork popping, and baby Fred shot out of my mom, sailing through the air. I caught him and looked down at his little face. He had a peach fuzz version of a mustache.

I said, “Hi, me!” The earlier me said, “Fwed!

Everyone applauded.