Taking my brain for a walk

My brain p0pped out of my head through my ear and landed on the floor. I said, “What are you doing down there?” My brain said, “I need some fresh air.” I said, “Okay, how about I take you outside for a walk?” My brain said, “I would like that!”

I picked up my brain, held it under my arm, and went outside. My brain said, “Wow, it’s beautiful out here.” I said, “I’m glad you like it.” My brain, “It’s so nice to feel the breeze. I’ve never felt breeze before. And the sun’s rays are so nicely warm!”

The neighbor’s dog Wickle came up and said, “What’s that you got under your arm there, Fred?” I said, “It’s my brain.” Wickle the dog said, “Can I eat it?” I said, “No, I’m gonna need it later.” Wickle said, “Can I at least smell it?” I said, “Sure.” I lowered my brain to Wickle who sniffed and started to lick my brain. My brain laughed and said, “Oh, it tickles!”