Reflected Fred

When I was toddler Fred I used to look in the mirror and have discussions with myself. My parents were impressed and made cassette recordings. Here’s a transcript of one of my favorites:

Fred: Hi Fred!

Reflection Fred (RF): Oh, hi Fred!

Fred: It’s so nice to see you!

RF: As well you!

Fred: You make my day!

RF: I feel exactly the same way!

Sometimes we would trade places. The reflection me would come out of the mirror and I would step in. I’d say, “Have fun!” The reflection me would say, “See you later!”

I enjoyed being in the mirror. The only way I can describe it is to say it was like living in sugar.

The reflection me would come back a few hours later and we would switch places again. He told me stories of his adventures. Once he told me that while out and about he accidentally broke the lamp in the living room. I asked him what my parents did. He said they said, “We never liked that lamp.”