My swim across the Ocean!

I swam across the ocean today. The Pacific. I’d done it once before. I had such fond memories and wanted to do it again. As was before, the first half hour was difficult. That’s because I was warming up. After that it was a breeze.

A few hundred miles into my swim I was joined by a whale named Melodydoo. Melodydoo asked me where I was heading. I said west until I reached land. She asked if she could swim along. I said yes. It’s nice to have company.

By the time the sun was just starting to go down I reached the coast of Japan. I said goodbye to Melodydoo.

I got out of the water and waited while a gust of wind dried me off.

I walked a little bit until I came to an apple tree. I asked the apple tree if I could eat one of its apples. I was just starting to feel hungry. The apple tree said that would be fine. The apple was delicious!