My encounter with Milo the Skunk!

I was out for a walk when I came upon a skunk. I said to the skunk, “I hope you’re not planning on spraying me.” The skunk said, “I’m not.” I said that I was glad. I introduced myself. The skunk said, “Fred, it’s good to meet you. My name is Milo Moonpapit.” I leaned over and shook its paw.
Milo the skunk asked me where I was going. I said I was going to Powser’s Desert Emporium to get myself a strawberry shake. Milo said, “Can I come?” I said, “Sure.”
On the way Milo shared with me about how he was hoping to one day become the most famous skunk in the world. I asked how he was planning to do that. Milo said that he wanted to do a show on stage where he played George Washington. I asked him to do some of the show for me. He did and it was amazing! I told him so. Milo see, “I see my name in lights on day on Broadway.” I said that I didn’t doubt it!