I’m a time-traveler!

Hi. I’m Fred. I’m a lot of things. I’m a typer. I typed this. I’m a person. I’m a glasses wearer. I’m a guitar player. I’m a time-traveler.

I have a time travel-machine I bought on Ebay. Someone was selling theirs because they rarely used it. It was a pretty good price. I think it was $125. Retail they go for $500 to $1900.

I picked it up in my truck. My friend Craig helped me. That was necessary because it’s heavy and takes two people.

We carried it inside my house and I plugged it in so it could charge. The battery was dead but after an hour it was ready to go.

My friend Craig asked me where would be the first place in time I would travel. I said, “Yesterday.” I got in and typed in the time-space coordinates, there’s an instruction book that shows you how to do it. I pressed the Go button and suddenly I was in yesterday.

Yesterday seemed a lot like the day I’d traveled from. I guess because both of those times were “now” in the moment. Now is now. It never changes. Though Craig wasn’t there.

So I thought maybe I should pick a time and space that would be different in its surroundings. So I randomly picked August 14th, 1956. I pushed Go. Suddenly I was no longer in the living room of my house and I was sitting in the time-machine in the middle of the woods. It was nice because I like trees.

Then I punched in the coordinates for March 1, Year 10. I was still in the woods. But the trees were different. I guess until recently most places were trees, or fields, or lakes. Back then the dominant species was Nature.

The next trip I chose the year September 9th, 1743, and the place of Paris, France. I hit Go. I was suddenly sitting in my time-machine in the middle of a crowded marketplace. Everyone was speaking French. I could tell by their accents.

People began gathering around my machine and touching it. That seems to be the thing most people do when something weird and unexplained happens. I don’t think it actually helps. Especially not in this situation because the outside of the time-machine heats up like a skillet that’s been sitting on a flame. People started grabbing their burnt hands and yelling. I felt badly because I’m adverse to hurting people. I said I was sorry, but since I was speaking in English, it wasn’t helping.

I typed in the time and day that I’d started from originally and also my apartment and hit Go. I immediately arrived in my living room, My friend Craig was still there. He said, “Are you gonna go or not?” I explained that I had gone and returned to the exact time I left. He said, “Oh, right.” I told him what I’d already told you above. He said, “That’s neat.” And then he left.

I didn’t do anymore time-travel trips that day. But the next day I went on some more.