I used to live on the planet Walbo 7

I’m writing this on my rocket ship. I’m taking a trip to the Cosmos Redshift 7 galaxy. I’m in deluxe hyper-drive so I should be there in another 3 and-a-half hours. I’m going to visit my friends, the Chulns. Neb and Fracey Chuln. They live on a planet called Walb0 7. I’m staying over at their place for a few days. Walbo 7’s surface is completely covered in hot lava. Their house sits on a floating titanium raft.

I was born on Walbo 7. I moved to Earth a few years ago. I don’t want to move back to Walbo 7. The lava is beautiful but limits your ability to walk about. I like to walk. That’s why I moved to Earth. I did the research and Earth was right up there for good walks.