I ride clouds

I don’t drive a car. Nor ride a bike. I walk but not often. Mostly what I do to get around is ride a cloud. Not one particular cloud. But clouds.

Clouds are pretty much traveling by every day. When I need to get somewhere I look up and a cloud notices my gaze and swoops down and says, “Where do you need to go?”

I give my destination, hop on, and take the soft ride. The clouds never say much. Things like, “How’s it going back there?” “Can I get you anything?”

Clouds know where everything is so they don’t need directions. It makes sense since they spend so much time in the sky and love to look down.

When they get to where I asked, they lower down gently. I step off. They say along the lines of, “I hope whatever you’re going to do goes well.” I say thanks.

When I’m done with what I did, I go outside, look up, and the same thing happens again.

Why me? What makes the clouds so generous to my travel needs? I don’t know.