I decide to walk around the Earth

I decided to take a walk around the Earth. I had the time. I’d never done it before. It seemed like fun.

I walked for a while. The sun went down. The sun went up. Back and forth.

Eventually I got to an ocean. The waves were big. I looked at them for a while.

Soon a whale appeared close to the shore. The whale shouted, “Are you Fred?” I said I was. The whale said, “I’d heard you are walking around the world. Can I be of assistance?” I asked if I could stand on the whale while it swam across the ocean. Standing is like walking without the movement. The whale said, “I can do that.”

I swam out to the whale and climbed aboard. I asked the whale it’s name. It said, “My name is Abrupty.” I said, “Thanks, Abrupty.”