3 Things that happened to me today!

  1. I was out for a walk when a tiger jumped out from behind a bush. I was startled. The tiger said, “Oh Fred, I’m not going to eat you!” I said, “Mister Tiger, I wasn’t thinking that. It’s just that I was taken aback because your stripes are so beautiful!!”
    2. I was feeling restless and dug a hole to the center of the Earth. When I got there, I sat down and gazed at the fiery magma. It’s was like a brightly glowing ocean with tremendous waves. Suddenly I noticed a man was swimming in the lava. He noticed me and waved. I waved back!
    3. I bought a bucket of apples. I brought them over to the goat farm and gave them to the goats. The goats ate all the apples and the bucket. One of the goats said to me, “Do you have any more buckets?”